Family and ambassadors

On this page, you can meet my furry family, the ones who inspire me every day, as well as their best canine friends, who have been part of our lives for a long time! I am lucky enough to have all these beautiful animals in my daily life and they all help me to adapt my products for all sizes and shapes!

The family


Pitbull type - 60 lbs - 9 years old

Gunner is the oldest of my furry children! He has been with me since the very beginning and has inspired me over the years. Gunner wears size L and is always ready to help me during photo sessions. He has perfected the art of "looking good" and will charm you with his sweet little eyes!


Australian Cattle Dog - 45 lbs - 1 year old

Jackson, my cattle dog, came into my life recently. He is a pro at head tilting and is very photogenic. Jackson wears size M and is always proud to put on his best face to show you our products. Although he loves to play with his balls, playing supermodel is one of his favorite activities!


Unknown breed - South Korean dog - 35 lbs - ~4 years old

Molly has been part of our family for less than 6 months. Rescued from a meat farm, I was her foster and she quickly won our hearts. "Foster fail!" Molly, too, wears size M and was able to learn the furry modeling business pretty quickly. She will show you with her beautiful hazel eyes!

Zelda, Trunks, Runty, Félix and Myrtle

The felines - between the ages of 1 and 10

Just like my canine children, my feline children inspire me just as much! They are all proud members of the quality control team, not to mention they are all great supermodels. They make sure that everyone can look as nice as them, whether it's for hairless cats, small cats or even the ones that are a little bit heavier! You can definitely admire them on the catwalk!



Bull terrier / pit bull type mix - 11 years old

Bruiser is my dogs' best friend! For as long as I can remember, just like Gunner, Bruiser has been a pro at quality control! He is one of the first to give his recommendations on our products in production. Bruiser wears size XL and it is thanks to him that this option is available! Bruiser will seduce you with his "lovabull" look!



German Shepherd / Husky mix - 85 lbs - 7 years old

Eliot is the new kid on the block! Recently becoming Bruiser's little brother, he has quickly made his way onto the team. He is always perfecting his photo poses. Also part of the quality control team, Eliott wears size XL. You'll see how stylish he is with his beautiful long blonde hair!


Shar pei / pitbull type mix - 60 lbs - 9 years old

Opy has been one of our furry friends since he was a baby! We've watched him grow up and he loves testing our products too. He has very high expectations our dear Opy. He wears size L which fits him like a glove! There is no way his little wrinkled face and Doritos ears won't make you fall in love! 


French bulldog - 30 lbs - 3 years old

Rambo, our friend Opy's little cousin, is brand new to the LPS team. He inspired us to create a brand new size for little dogs like him! Rambo is wearing our new size, "M-L" and it fits him perfectly! His infectious smile is sure to charm you!


Royal Poodle - 50 lbs - 6 years old

Abby, she's a true girl of the woods! Always in the thick of things, this beautiful Royal loves to accompany her human parents to the cottage, kayaking and especially, to ride 4-wheelers. Abby wears size M with pride! We fell in love with her and her elegance! All of our products fit her beautifully!


Dwarf Lop Rabbit - 2 lbs - 3 months

Here is Merlin, the little rodent of the group! Merlin is a 3 month old Dwarf Lop
rabbit who will weigh approximately 4 lbs when fully grown. He is already a photo pro
! Our products are truly designed for your companions of all kinds, just like him! Merlin is wearing size XS and it suits him perfectly! We
are very happy to have him among us!